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1. Lot Cleanup Procedures.

In order to avoid trouble with clearing sites for construction, we have adopted a very strict procedure in regard to clearing lots.

The procedure is as follows:

All excess dirt after the foundation has been backfilled must be removed from the site before the framing commences.  Topsoil to be used on site at a later date may be neatly stored in the rear yard.

All concrete sidewalks and curb and gutter that are torn out for driveways must also be taken off the lot and out of the subdivision within 3 days from the time that they are torn out.

2. Debris and Trash Removal.

Owners and builders must clean up all trash and debris on the construction site at the end of each construction day and remove it at least once a week.  Light weight material must be weighted down and covered so it does not blow off of the lot.

No one is permitted to dump, bury or burn trash or debris within the subdivision.

Each site must be kept neat to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.

Dirt, mud and/or debris from the site shall be promptly removed from roads, open spaces, driveways or other areas of the subdivision.  Streets will be scraped by builder at the end of the day.

Any clean-up costs incurred by others at the direction of the developer will be billed to the lot owner.

3. Vehicle Parking.

Construction crews and material suppliers may park on only one side of the street and vehicles may not be left overnight.

4. Restoration or Repair of Damaged Property.

The builder or owner will promptly repair and/or restore any damage to open space, roads, sidewalks, other sites and/or other improvements.

The sidewalk adjoining the lot is the owner's responsibility.

The above procedures will be strictly enforced through the Covenants and Restrictions of the subdivision.  Builders who do not follow these procedures will not be permitted to build in the subdivision.

Ed Alden is in the subdivision daily and will be talking with the subcontractors on the job site as well as the owners to determine whether the owners and contractors are in compliance with the above procedures.

In the event that you wish to vary from these procedures, you may do so only upon a written confirmation from Ron Stenger.


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