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What are the Stone Meadow Property
Owners Association Dues?

The 2001 annual assessment for each lot is $405 plus $144 trash service for each occupied residence.  In addition, the first occupant of each home pays a one time $500 initial assessment.

What is the $500 Initial Membership Assessment?

The $500 Initial Membership Assessment must be paid when the residence is first occupied.  It is a one time fee of $500 per lot.  The first family to move into the house pays the assessment.  A fee is not paid upon resale of the home.  The purpose of the initial Membership Assessment is to reimburse the Developer for the Developer's subsidy of the Association's operating deficit and to repay a portion of the Developer's cost of the swimming pool, tennis courts, and other amenities.

I just closed on my new home.
  How do I get my trash service started?

Please contact Connie Covey in our office at (417) 889-4300.  She will verify that you paid the $500 initial membership fee at closing.  If you did not, we must receive the membership fee prior to having your trash service started.  Because the entire year of trash service is billed in January of each year, Connie will calculate how much you will owe from the time you start your trash service until the end of that year.  Trash service costs $12.00 per month.  You will then send your check made out to SMPOA to 5051 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65810.  Connie will contact Waste Management to begin your service.  They will deliver a cart to your home.  Trash is picked up twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.  Trash containers should be placed at the curb the morning of pick up and put inside the garage that evening.  If you wish to have recycling, you must order that service with Waste Management.  They will bill you separately for the recycling only.

Stone Meadow has gated entrances.
 How do I get in?

You will need to come to our office, 5051 S. National Ave., to pick up your gate openers and have your phone number entered in the directory.  Please call Connie Covey at (417) 889-4300 to confirm that she will be available when you arrive.  You will be given 2 gate cards and 2 transmitters.  If you wish, you may purchase additional cards for $10 per card and $40 per transmitter.

What are the rules regarding fences?

Prior to constructing any fence in Stone Meadow, a site plan showing the locations of the fence and the specifications of the fence must be submitted to the Architectural Committee, at 5051 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65810, for approval.  The only approved design is "Pinehill" finished on both sides with support posts on the inside.  The pickets must be 1" x 6" x 48" or 1" x 8" x 48" CCA treated pine with the support posts set in concrete on the inside of the fence.  However, any lot which adjoins another subdivision, a water detention area, Plainview Road or Weaver Road may, with the approval of the Architectural Committee, have a fence that is 72" in height on the lot line between Stone Meadow and the other subdivision, the detention area, Plainview, Kansas or Weaver Road.  No fence or hedge shall be permitted between the front wall of the structure and the adjoining street or across the front yard.  No fence shall extend nearer to the front wall of a house than 50% of the distance of the house on each side.  On corner lots the fence may extend from the house toward the street a maximum of 5 feet.

I would like to make an addition
or change to my home.  What do I have to do?

Any structure, improvement or alteration to the exterior of your home must be submitted to the Architectural Committee, at 5051 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65810, for approval prior to construction.  You must submit complete plans, specifications, a plot plan showing exterior design, height, building material and color scheme, the location of the structure on the lot plotted horizontally and vertically, the location of driveways and fencing.  The Committee shall approve or disapprove within 30 days after receipt; however, the average turn around is less than one week.

May I install a satellite dish?

You must submit a written request for approval to the Architectural Committee, 5051 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65810, which includes the location and specifications.  The Committee may approve small (approximately 21 inch diameter or less) direct satellite dishes.  DSS and Primestar are the most common dishes that have been previously approved.

May I store a motor home in my driveway?

No mobile home, motor home, recreational vehicle, trailer of any kind, truck larger than ton, camper, boat, permanent tent or similar structure shall be parked, kept maintained or repaired upon any property or street (public or private) within Stone Meadow between the hours of midnight and 5:00 AM.  However, it may be parked inside a garage.

May I have a basketball goal?

You may have a basketball goal in your backyard.  No basketball goals shall be attached to the front of any dwelling or garage, nor erected in any front yard or on the side of any street which abuts any corner lot.  Portable goals may be used in driveways.

I have noticed that a neighbor may not be aware of
one of the subdivision restrictions.   What do I do?

Please call Connie Covey at (417) 889-4300.  She will report any possible violations to the Architectural Committee.  The Committee will then contact the homeowner via letter.

What happens if I do not pay my dues on time?

At the beginning of each year we send letters to all homeowners which state the amount each homeowner owes in assessments for the year and the date the assessments must be paid.  If dues are not received by that date, the association may 1) hire an attorney for collection of the amount, 2) file a lawsuit to recover the assessment obligation plus attorney fees, court costs, cost of collection and 18% interest from the delinquent date 3) file a lien on the lot to secure payment, there is a $100 lien preparation fee and a $50 lien release fee if a lien is filed.

Can a nonresident pay to use the amenities?

No.  The association was not set up to allow nonresidents to pay a fee for use of the amenities.  Guests of residents are permitted.  Contact the homeowners committee for guest rules.

Who is the president of the homeowners committee?

Mr. Jim Roebuck, 1178 W. Oakville, (417) 890-7988.


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